Monday, September 29, 2014

This Week (September 29 - October 3)

We have a busy week ahead of us.  Here are some of our upcoming events:

  • 3 of our students are going to We Day with the grade 7/8 class
  • Thursday is Pajama Day!
  • Thursday is Pizza Lunch!
  • Recognition assembly on Thursday (we will be singing a song)
  • Miss Colby will be away at professional development on Tuesday
  • We are starting a new Math unit
  • Wednesday is the first day of October
  • October's character trait focus is on Responsibility
Coming Soon:

  • Scientist in the School October 6th!
  • Literacy Night October 15th

Friday, September 26, 2014


We are working with Ms. Laidla's grade 2/3 class to present a song about respect to the school Thursday October the 2nd.

Here is the song:

What Happened this Week in School

Lots of stuff happened this week in school.  Miss Colby was absent along with some of our classmates.  We had two supply teachers and took the CAT4 test.  On Wednesday September 24th we participated in the Terry Fox run.  The school building raised over $200.00 for cancer research.  One of our students celebrated a birthday this week.  This was also Ms. Pang's last week at our school as our office administrator.

We also learned a few valuable things this week.  Here is a list of some of the things we discovered:

  • sit properly on chairs (or you could fall off)
  • we reviewed how to put periods and commas in the right places
  • the importance of not wasting our resources (sticky notes)
  • characteristics of a narrative
  • what a personal narrative is
  • we learned that negative numbers are not the same as decimals
  • how to use a plot diagram
  • how to connect decimals to percents, and thinking about decimals like cents
  • rubies are the second hardest mineral
  • Uranus is closer to the sun than Neptune
  • Uranus is 19x further away from the Sun than the Earth
  • Saturn is so light it could float in water (if you could find a tub big enough for it)
  • wrote about impressionist art
  • learned about the solar system
  • the Sun will consume the Earth in 130 million years
  • learned about different forms of energy
  • energy is never destroyed only transformed

Friday, September 19, 2014

This Week at a Glance

Memorable things that happened this week:

  • Picture day!
  • Curriculum Night
  • Seeing the cover for Mr. O'Donnell's new book
  • Reading chapter 6 of Descent into Overworld
  • Community circle
  • Pizza Lunch forms (due on the 24th)
  • Finding out about the Kids Lit Quiz competition
  • We Day draw: 3 students from our class will get to go
  • Asking questions about why Canada should be involved with other countries
  • Doing Math with Mr. Biglands

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Space Submission/ Our Society Needs to Study Space

Our class, along with the grade 6's from Highland Heights Jr. P.S. received an email about a contest to participate in an Education Outreach Event on Friday, October 3, 2014, titled the "International Student Zone" being hosted by the International Space Education Board.  We were asked to respond to the prompt below:

“Studying the relationship between Earth and Space has allowed humans to learn about the ways that Space exploration can benefit our society (Grade 6, Science, 1.2, p. 122). How does your Grade 6 Class believe that Space exploration can benefit our society (such as in Canada, in Ontario, in Toronto and in TDSB Schools and Classrooms)?”

Here is what we wrote together:

We believe that space exploration can benefit our society in many ways.  Society could benefit from the technology developed for space, studying the stars, and handling climate change, and many other reason we could not include at this time.

There are a lot of dangers in space travel, one of them is the temperatures, from freezing cold darkness, to the burning hot sunlight of space. If you want to go out into space you need special equipment for the heat and cold, like a space suit.  These suits need to be made by people.  Making them is important to society because it gives people jobs.  Also these suit could also help people on Earth, like firefighters.  They would benefit from this type of suit to protect them from the extreme heat of fires. Scientists who work in extremely hot and/or cold place like; the Antarctic, Arctic and who research volcanoes, could benefit from them as well.

We also think studying stars is important to our society.  That is because the Sun is a star and scientist might want to study stars to learn more about our Sun, because the Sun is a star, and the Sun give us energy and heat. The Sun basically provides a source of energy to use like energy solar power panels which the sunlight activates them.  The Sun also give us heat. The thing about the Sun is that it is our most use energy source.  Studying the star’s will help us to see the birth of a star and the end of the star.   All this will help us to find better ways of using the Sun's energy.

Finally, we think it is important to know about space because you will know how the atmosphere works.   We think the ozone layer is very important for our planet.  But the hole in the ozone layer because of climate change which is bad for the environment.  Being in space can help with studying the earth.  It is a good idea to explore space because we could find new planets to live on if our planet dies.  For example, if climate change destroys the planet we could find a new  planet that has the same characteristics of Earth.

In conclusion, space is important because we are living on one of the planets in space.  We must find out more information about our surroundings and outer space.  The reasons above; technology, stars and climate change are not necessarily the most important things that can benefit our society, but they are important and concern our future, and safety of our people.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Wanna Take a Survey?

Students! Please take a moment to fill out this reading survey.

Important Date for the week of September 15th 2014

There are some important events happening this week at the Jean Augustine Girls' Leadership Academy:

Curriculum Night is on Wednesday September 17th, at 6:00pm. Parents and/or guardians will get to meet their children's teachers and see their classrooms.  There will be a prize given to a family who attends.

Picture Day is on Friday September 19th.  Be sure to fill out the picture form you will be receiving this week.

Scholastic Orders are due Friday September 19th.

Remember: Any forms from the first week of school are due to the office as soon as possible.

Upcoming Events: Terry Fox Run on Wednesday September 24th.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ticket out the Door Sept 12th

Here are few of the things we learned about this week:
  • Decimals and fractions
  • 3 types of rocks: sedimentary igneous and metamorphic
  • Capitalization rules
  • Impressionist artist mainly used primary colours in their art
And we set learning goals for Language in the Oral, Reading and Writing strands.
(Originally written at 3:08pm)


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