Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The day Forest Valley Came to Us

On Monday November 24th we were suppose to go on a trip to Forest Valley.  Unfortunately, because of the strong winds, Forest Valley lost Hydro and they had to cancel our trip.  Some people were frustrated.  Others were disappointed, but most of us were excited again when we found out that they were going to come to our school for the day. Even better, we found out we were getting another day to visit them, to make up for the day we missed. 

Richard, from Forest Valley, told Ms. Colby that this was the first time, in the 18 years he has worked at Forest Valley, that they have taken the program to a school.

We were painting the landscape outside behind the school (like impressionists).  Until it started raining, ruining our work.
Painting our colour wheels.
In class (out of the rain) practicing the skills Richard and Melissa, from Forest Valley, taught us.

In Other News:
  • The grade 5's are going to a bullying presentation at Stephen Leacock on December 10th
  • PARENTS: On Wednesday December 10th there will be an important Kearney informational meeting for all parents of grade 6 and 5 students at 6:00 pm at the school.
  • The junior department of the entire school has been invited to a holiday concert at Stephen Leacock on December 11th 
  • Winter Concert Thursday December 18th 6:30pm

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Inquiry: Whose voice is heard? What does is it mean to be fair?

In our school we are looking at a new inquiry question, which is: Whose voice is heard, and what does it mean to be fair?  Our last question was: Do societies need empathy?

Some of our thinking so far:

  • teachers and parents are heard
  • children's voices are heard when talking in a group of other children
  • I think it has to do with power
  • depends on where you are
  • fairness is when everyone is treated equally
  • equity
  • fairness is that no one is treated better than others
  • it's not fair that some voices are not heard that need to be heard

In Other News:

  • We have a field trip to Forest Valley on Monday November 24th 2014.
  • There is a drama presentation coming to our school on Friday November 28th 2014.
  • Our music project is due Tuesday November 25th 2014.
  • Our writer's portfolio is due Thursday December 18th 2014.
  • Our Winter concert is on Thursday December 18th 2014.