Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The New Arrangement

The class has changed shape.  Miss Colby swapped out the grade 6 tables to desks.

  • the grade 6's like the idea of having their own have own space
  • the grade 6's prefer to clean their own space not others
  • grade 4's and 5's are still in groups but in new location
  • the hope was that separated the grade 6's would be more quiet, but even with desks grade 6 are noisy
  • the grade 6's acknowledge the above as true

The new term is beginning in a couple of weeks.  We are going to start new Social Studies Units, Science units, and we will begin our Dance unit.  In the new term we will also be switching our inquiry question.

For now the grade 4's are excited about their plant habitat.  They have learned a lot about plant habitats through our mistakes and observation.  The grade 5's are learning about how the lungs work by making a model of a lung and are interested to see what they look like when they are done. 

Other news

  • the Kearney trip is quickly approaching!  February 27th to March 7th.  Make sure you have returned your completed forms.
  • Science Centre trip February 3rd
  • Pizza day February 6th
  • Beach Day February 6th
  • The Urban Voices poetry contest is coming up soon! Submissions are due by: February 13th
  • Report cards go home on February 10th
  • Parent teacher interviews are on February 12th and 13th
  • Forest Valley trip March 25th

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

What's Happening This Year

Welcome to the new year blog post! This year we are going to a lot of places and doing a lot of new (and old) things:

  • Science Centre trip on February 3rd
  • First term report cards come out in February
  • Kearney trip for the grade 5 and 6's February 27- March 2nd
  • Forest Valley trip in March
  • Science Fair in May
  • Organizing a Pan-Am games day in June

In Other News

Reading logs are due on January 16th!  Make sure you have updated your entries.

Miss Colby says: there is a TDSB poetry contest called Urban Voices.  Poems for the contest are due the first week of February.  I would like to submit some poems written by students in our class.  I would also like to publish some poems on our blog site.  Students, please let me know if I can post some of your poems here.

In Music we are learning about using our body as instruments to make music (body percussion).  We are starting by learning Boom, Snap, Clap, and we are going eventually learn to perform the Extreme Patty Cake song.  There are links below.