Friday, September 26, 2014

What Happened this Week in School

Lots of stuff happened this week in school.  Miss Colby was absent along with some of our classmates.  We had two supply teachers and took the CAT4 test.  On Wednesday September 24th we participated in the Terry Fox run.  The school building raised over $200.00 for cancer research.  One of our students celebrated a birthday this week.  This was also Ms. Pang's last week at our school as our office administrator.

We also learned a few valuable things this week.  Here is a list of some of the things we discovered:

  • sit properly on chairs (or you could fall off)
  • we reviewed how to put periods and commas in the right places
  • the importance of not wasting our resources (sticky notes)
  • characteristics of a narrative
  • what a personal narrative is
  • we learned that negative numbers are not the same as decimals
  • how to use a plot diagram
  • how to connect decimals to percents, and thinking about decimals like cents
  • rubies are the second hardest mineral
  • Uranus is closer to the sun than Neptune
  • Uranus is 19x further away from the Sun than the Earth
  • Saturn is so light it could float in water (if you could find a tub big enough for it)
  • wrote about impressionist art
  • learned about the solar system
  • the Sun will consume the Earth in 130 million years
  • learned about different forms of energy
  • energy is never destroyed only transformed

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