Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Busy March

We have had a busy March.  It started with a trip to Kearney, and ended with our trip to Forest Valley.  The grade 4/5/6's all finish large and small science projects.  The grade 4's researched and designed a habitat for a Giant Sea Bass.  The grade 5's researched the effects of radiation on the body, and the grade 6's designed and built a waterfront area that meets the needs of the community and promotes biodiversity.

All month we worked on organizing our clothing drive.  We collected 2.5 bins worth of clothes.  We feel a bit disappointed because it did not meet our expectations.  We were hoping that we would get more donations from students and the neighbourhood.  We think that next time we try something like this, we might collect more if we make it a competition.  Although we did not collect as much as we wanted, we are glad that we were able to support Goodwill in a small way.

Upcoming Events:

  • Earth hour Saturday March 28th from 8:30-9:30 pm
  • EQAO Parent Information Night April 1st
  • International Day of Pink Wednesday April 8th
  • 'We are Silent' April 16th 
  • Science and STEM fair in May
  • EQAO is in the end of May
  • PanAm school event in June

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