Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Busy Month of May

STEM fair and Novel Museum

Some of projects at our Novel Museum
We worked very hard last week to prepare for our STEM fair and Novel Museums.  Two groups from our class are finalist for a STEM fair prize.  Their inquiries were: "Why do people like chocolate?", and "What would happen if there was no gravity?" After the STEM fair we set up our Novel Museum outside of the library for the whole school to see.  Some of our classmates were disappointed that their novel museums were vandalized by other students.  A small number of students from the building took artifacts from the displays; mostly food items, and some of the artifact descriptions.

Science: Kites, Bridges and Toys

A grade 6 student's plans
We are coming to the end of our units on Force.  The grade 6's are designing, building and testing kites.  The grade 5's are going to begin designing bridges today, and will be testing them next week.  The grade 4's are almost ready to begin work on making a wind up toy.  Almost everyone is excited to be building something.

Upcoming Events

  • Sports Day and Pizza lunch May 15th: wear your favourite team/sports gear 
  • Track and Field day May 20th 
  • Taking IT Global presentation May 21st (some students will be participating in sharing our work around child marriage)

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