Thursday, June 4, 2015

Urban Voices

Urban voices

In February, many students submitted poetry to the Urban Voices poetry contest held by the English Language and Literacy Department of the Toronto District School Board.  Only one student, in grade 4, won a spot in the poetry anthology book.  She will be reading her poem, I am a girl, tonight, Thursday June 4th, at the Scarborough Civic Centre.  Her poem is published below. 

I am  a girl
To the girls who are able to read this.

I am a girl.
I am a girl who has a right to education.
Who has a right to freedom.
Who has a voice
I am a girl who will strive to get anything accomplished.

We are girls who will do anything to be who we are.

They are girls
They are girls who don’t have a right to education.
Who have no right to freedom
Who have no voice
They are girls who strive for freedom

They are girls who will do anything to be who they are.


Grade 4

Upcoming Events:
PA Day: No school on Friday June 5th
Track and Field day: June 8th at Birchmount StadiumGrade 6 luncheon: June 16th at the MandarinPanAm Day: June 17thLast day of school: June 25th

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