Thursday, October 2, 2014

Classical Music Can be Cool

During our Music period we have been listening to music from different composers.  We have listened to Claude Debussy, Bach, Vivaldi, Gershwin, and others.  We have been listening for the types of instruments,  dynamics of the music, and different genre.  We thought is was going to be boring and old, but it turned out to be a bit fun.

What really got us excited about what we were listening to was The Piano Guys.  We had never seen anyone play instruments like they do before.  And we thought the cellos in the videos below were very cool.
This was the first Piano Guys video we saw

We watched this next.

We were blown away by the piano playing and the locations for this video.  

The Piano Guys have a lot more music videos that we wanted to watch.  In fact, the reason we decided to write this post was that we wanted to watch these, and the other videos, when we got home.  Here is a link to their YouTube channel:

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