Friday, October 17, 2014

Week End: Ticket out the door!

What we discovered this week:

  • learned that a straight angle is 180 degrees
  • we learned how to make a measuring tool that looks like a protractor, but made out of paper
  • lunar eclipses happen more than solar eclipses
  • Doug Ford is Rob Ford's brother
  • We are starting the We Scare Hunger Campaign 
  • More about Empathy: examples and characteristics and you can treat people with empathy
  • We learned about reflex angles (they are greater than 180 degrees)
  • an acute angle is smaller than 90 degrees and an obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees
  • Ebola is only spread only through bodily fluid and not spread by casual contact.
  • We learned about Caitlin and her positive post-it campaign
  • Import and Export (take and give)
  • there are three types of triangles, but we can't remember their names...yet.  (The grade sixes know).
Next Week:
  • There is a Health presentation on Tuesday October 21st on what we drink
  • Field trip on Friday!  We get to meet with our mentors!

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