Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scientist in the School

On Monday October the 6th we had a visit from Scientist in the School.  the scientist who worked with us was Nadja, a zoologist.  There were microscopes, and people were fascinated by the bones she brought.  Some people thought that it was a lot like art, but disgusting.  But others thought it was interesting finding cool bones, and insects in owl pellets.

We learned: 
  • owls eat animals whole
  • owls have more than one set of animal remains in a pellet  
  • they throw up what they cannot digest in the shape of their throats
  • owls have no teeth, and they throw up 2 times a day
  • a raccoons skull is identical to a skunk but a bit bigger. 
  • a raccoon is an omnivore 
Students looking through microscopes at bones, and a bug head.

We dissected owl pellets. 
Figuring out what animal each skull belongs to.
A skeleton build.
We sorted bones to make a skeleton.

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